Mesa and Sea Box to Deliver Mass Energy Storage Solutions

7/12/2016 – Mesa Technical Associates, Inc. of Cobleskill, New York, and Sea Box, Inc. of Cinnaminson, New Jersey, are proud to announce a strategic partnership, to deliver Mass Energy Storage Systems and Micro-Grid solutions to the North American utility grid. The partnership will serve both utility companies and industrial manufacturers, and directly support initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, and improve grid efficiency, resilience, and improved deployment of renewable energy sources.

Increasing demand for energy is placing costly strains on the utility grid. Cyclical fluctuations in demand also pose significant challenges to the deployment of renewable energy, which cannot be stored using existing infrastructure. Mass Energy Storage Systems provide an elegant solution by delivering additional power during peak demand, and by storing excess energy generated by renewables during low demand cycles. Mass energy Storage reduces the risks of brown-outs during peak demand while also saving billions of dollars that would be required to expand the grid infrastructure.

The Mesa and Sea Box Mass Energy Storage Initiative will benefit utility providers and industrial manufacturers concerned with improving grid inefficiencies and reducing CO2 emissions. Mass Energy Storage also allows industrial manufacturers to act as a micro-supplier to the utility grid, offloading excess stored energy as demanded.

Mesa Technical Associates, Inc. is a provider of turn-key battery power systems and engineering, furnishing, & installation services to electric utility companies throughout North America. As a New York corporation, Mesa is positioned well to become an integral partner of the State and to support its goals of reducing carbon emissions by adding 2 Gigawatts of Energy Storage to the New York grid by 2022.

Established in 1983, Sea Box, Inc. specializes in the design, customization, and manufacturing of ISO containers, modular buildings, and related equipment for military and commercial applications. Both Sea Box and its machine shop subsidiary, e Inventors Shop, are ISO 9001 certified and headquartered in Cinnaminson, New Jersey. With over 30 years of experience in providing innovative logistical solutions, Sea Box maintains offices around the globe and provides Burlington County, New Jersey with 175 manufacturing jobs while continuing to secure significant US Government and commercial contracts with Fortune 500 companies.

This partnership gives the companies the unique capability to deliver Mass Energy Storage Systems to utility customers and industrial manufacturers on a broad scale. For more information, contact Adam Alalouf at Mesa Technical Associates (